Security release of kubernetes-csi projects (2)

Hello Kubernetes Community- A security issue was discovered in the following versions of kubernetes-csi projects: kubernetes-csi/external-attacher: v0.4.1 and older, v1.0.0 and older kubernetes-csi/external-provisione…

Security Impact of Kubernetes API server external IP address proxying (2)

Hello Kubernauts, It was reported to us by Michael Schubert of Kinvolk that the Kubernetes API server can be used as a HTTP proxy to not only cluster internal but also external target IP addresses. By modifying podIP …

Security release of dashboard v1.10.1 - CVE-2018-18264 (2)

Hello Kubernauts, Happy new year! A security issue was discovered in kubernetes dashboard versions v1.10.0 or older. The issue is High if you are using custom certificates for the dashboard. Upgrading to v1.10.1 of t…

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