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4-day hands-on instructor-led classroom Kubernetes training (1)
Cloud native lightning talks February 28th in Umeå, Sweden (1)
Looking for a meetup in Mexico City (Facilities for gathering host) (1)
[Vietnam Kubernetes Community] 1st Meetup of VietKubers (1)
10/2018 CNCF Meetup on Applied Kubernetes Security in Berlin (2)
Meetup in Durham, NC this Thursday Nov 8th - 2 great topics! (1)
Meetup NYC 10/30/18 - Scaling Kafka on Kubernetes at Datadog (2)
Women in Infra - Seattle Chapter (2)
San Francisco Kubernetes, Kustomize, Ship Meetup (1)
San Diego Kubernetes Meetup (1)
DockerCon Europe 2018 (1)
Kubernetes and Cloud Native North Dallas - Signup to Join the meet up (1)
DFW Software Defined Networking (SDN) Group - Getting your hands dirty with Kubernetes and Tungsten Fabric (1)
[Sept 5th] Meet Our Contributors [+Steering Committee Edition!] (1)
Pittsburgh Kubernetes Meetup - Joint Meetup with OWASP Pittsburgh (1)
DevOps Meetup- Chicago - Certification: Certified Kubernetes Administrator (1)
Nashville DevOps Meetup - Running Stateful Apps in Kubernetes (1)
DevOps Meetup- San Franscisco - Certification: Certified Kubernetes Administrator (1)
Cloud Native PDX August: Ballerina, Metaparticle, Istio (Portland, OR, USA) (1)
New York Kubernetes Meetup: kubectl is not the new SSH & Building a data science platform on K8s (1)
Cloud Native Computing Taiwan (1)
Kong meetups coming up in Cincinnati, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Helsinki (1)
Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #13 - Sept 4 (Tokyo, JAPAN) (1)
Kong Summit in SF, Sept 18-19 - discount code (1)
Cloud Day with Kubernetes in New York (1)
Kubernetes + Gaming (6)
Free Kubernetes Training in Las Vegas (1)
Tokyo JAPAN - Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #12 (July 11th) (1)
Kubernetes Workshop in Linz Austria (1)