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Windows Welcome to the Windows containers in Kubernetes discussion. For background please see the Microsoft Windows Containers documentation, and Kubernetes Windows Upstream Documentation. Please join the conversation here, and if you want to get involved in moving the project forward join us in SIG-Windows.
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Help someone out here, win some prizes!

Hello everyone, It’s tshirt time! From now until KubeCon + Cloud NativeCon in November I will be giving out Kubernetes t-shirts to people on this forum who are helping out new users and contributing to the community. S…

4 November 12, 2019
Please refrain from posting CKA/CKAD exam content here

Hi everyone, recently we’ve had people posting answers to the CKA exam here. This is a reminder that publishing exam content is in severe violation of the CNCF Certification and Confidentiality Agreement candidates sign …

2 October 28, 2019
What are some of your favorite Kubernetes resources?

This was originally on a page in the Kubernetes github but it probably fits better here, I am marking this as a wiki so anyone can contribute links to it, good luck have fun! Kubernetes Resources Audio PodCTL Kubernete…

2 September 3, 2019
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