11.0.0 patchNamespacedCustomObject exception “PatchOptions.meta.k8s.io...”

client version : 11.0.0
k8s server version : 1.19
customObjectsApi.patchNamespacedCustomObject(group, “v1”, “uat-es”, “elasticsearches”
, cluster_name, body, null, null, false);


then , throw exception

{"kind":"Status","apiVersion":"v1","metadata":{},"status":"Failure","message":"PatchOptions.meta.k8s.io "" is invalid: force: Forbidden: may not be specified for non-apply patch","reason":"Invalid","details":{"group":"meta.k8s.io","kind":"PatchOptions","causes":[{"reason":"FieldValueForbidden","message":"Forbidden: may not be specified for non-apply patch","field":"force"}]},"code":422}

i cant understand the reason, search the same error (google), #958

but, found a new exception;
“json: cannot unmarshal object into Go value of type jsonpatch.Patch”,“reason”:“BadRequest”,“code”:400"

It was normal to use the 6.0.1 client before;
Now using 11.0.0 client usage exception(patch)

so…what can I do ? I hope someone can answer it,thx~~~