404 Hunter for kubernetes/community



Sponsoring SIG: SIG Contributor Experience

SIG List/Slack: https://kubernetes.slack.com/messages/sig-contribex
Mentors/Point of Contact: @castrojo and @mrbobbytables

Description: Once we set up contributor.kubernetes.io we noticed that there are lots of broken links (404’s) for the content in http://github.com/kubernetes/community.

New users to Kubernetes routinely find small typos in the repo so they can get their first pull request in. While this is useful it can also be expensive engineering cost, so much so that we have a trivial edit policy to encourage people to make meatier edits instead of fixing typos.

I think we can kill 2 birds with one stone here:

  • Fix 404’s so things in the community repo link to the right things.
  • Have a list of actionable list of fixes that will make the repo content better while providing new users with something meatier than fixing typos.

We’ve run the site through common 404 checking tools, however this is brute force method and we’d like to do something more clever like:

  • Prioritize pages based on links broken. Ideally it’s better to fix one page with 5 broken links in one PR than going after one link in one page.
  • Make a judgement call based on effort/common sense:
    • Prioritize pages/documents people use today
    • We don’t need to churn the repo to fix links from some long-forgotten design feature that no one reads/needs.
  • Help us identify content that is woefully out of date and we should consider archiving/removing
  • Run a report regularly so volunteers can monitor progress as they fix the low hanging fruit.
  • No system will ever catch everything, and it might not be worth spending the time fixing every single one, however if you can identify some low hanging fruit it might be worth it.

Time Commitment: No sure, a few days perhaps?

Skills Required: Depends on how you do it, this can be a web app you whip up, or a cronjob using a CLI tool spitting out results to a bucket. Player’s choice. :smiley:

k8s Membership Required: Nope.


I just ran a link checker and here’s the list of all 404:
Please let me know who I can help you in fixing these.
@Rajie (https://discuss.kubernetes.io/u/Rajakavitha1/)

Broken links, ordered by page:

_____ error code: 404 (not found)

_____ error code: 404 (not found)

_____ error code: 404 (not found)

_____ error code: 404 (not found)