About the Contributor Role Board


Welcome to the Contributor Role Board.
This is a place to connect Volunteers Looking to Help with SIGs and Working Groups looking for help.

Before you begin you should familiarize yourself with the Contributor’s Guide. Non-code contributions are encouraged and welcomed!

When you post in this category you’ll get a little template for you to fill out when you post. It’ll help us match people together. This is what the template currently looks like, use this topic to give us feedback on new fields to add, etc.

Advice for SIGs looking for help

This is about jobs, not tasks, so don’t just ask for people to help with help-wanted issues. We are looking to:

  • Pair volunteers with mentors
    • Mentors should work with volunteers so that they are set up for success.
    • Don’t put a new contributor in a position to fail by assigning them a critical task immediately
    • Shadow roles are a great way to pair a new contributor with an existing contributor. Consider 2nd or even 3rd shadow roles to build a depth chart in your SIG.
  • Build new contributors by expanding their skill set.
  • Help spread the load across SIGs so no one individual has too much load.
  • Integrate and welcome new contributors into the project by bringing them into your team and helping them understand how the community works.

Jobs should be meaningful and offer the person some level of autonomy. Avoid “we need a notetaker” – no one wants to do menial work all day. Work on a rotation of tasks.

You are on your own to match yourselves to each other., this board is ad-hoc, however if you would like a more formalized program where you are matched with what you’re looking for feel free to reach out to the Mentorship Program.

Kubernetes Weekly Community Meeting
Kubernetes Weekly Community Meeting