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@castrojo: Sure :slight_smile: How can I help?

Hi @castrojoi’m ready to help :slight_smile:
please let me know

Hi @castrojo,

I am also looking to volunteer and contribute some time to help out.

Let me know, Thanks!

@castrojo I am ready to help , Could you please let me know?

Ok I’ve started a new thread for us to start posting how to get started content and questions, check it out!

I looking for something dashboard related. I’m currently working on two issues 3602 and 11939, and I feel that I’m kind of stuck on both of these.

In 3602, I am unable to replicate the bug on my system, for me the switching b/w containers seems to work find, while for 11939, the testing has become an issue while I think that I have fixed the issue. What should be my next steps for both of these?