[ANNOUNCE] 2018 Steering Committee Election Process


It’s that time of year again!

Last year, the bootstrap Steering Committee (SC) and Election Officials coordinated the first ever Kubernetes Steering Committee election which formed a group of 13 contributors[1] tasked with the duties of laying the foundation of governance[2] for the project. Every year at this time, we will begin an election cycle for SC members who have term limits expiring. This election cycle will have three seats up to vote - and this is where you come in!

If you’d like to vote or run for a seat, all details and next steps are outlined in the election process doc[3] and voters guide.[4] The voters guide will be the single source of truth of information for this cycle. It will be updated live as new bios of candidates flow through over the next four weeks. Please pay attention to the scheduled dates.


[1] Steering Committee - who sits on the committee and terms, their projects and meetings info

[2] Steering Committee Charter - this is a great read if you’re interested in running (or assessing for the best candidates!)

[3] Election Process

[4] Voters Guide! - Updated on a rolling basis. This guide will always have the latest information throughout the election cycle. The complete schedule of events and candidate bios will be housed here.

Thanks to the Steering Committee for laying the governance groundwork needed to shape our community.

2017-2018 Steering Committee:

bgrant0607, brendandburns, dererkwaynecarr, jbeda, michelleN, philips, pwittrock, quinton-hoole, sarahnovotny, smarterclayton, spiffxp, timothysc, thockin (now Emeritus)


Ihor (idvoretskyi), Jorge (castrojo), and Paris (parispittman)

If you have questions, please feel free to ask on the list; otherwise, you can reach the Election Officials on community@kubernetes.io.

Re: [ANNOUNCE] 2018 Steering Committee Election Process

Do incumbents up for re-election need to be nominated and endorsed?