Auto Starting Pods

Hi all!

I’m trying to create a setup with auto starting Pods:

  • Pods that are configured to load automatically even in the case of a reboot to the node device and lost of connectivity to the Master.
  • The pods need to perform this way on whatever node they are assigned to.
  • Once connectivity to the master is restored, the master should take over the pod and deal with it. But in some cases that can happen only long after the reboot.

I’m struggling to find the correct way to achieve this kind of setup.
Help would be very appreciated.


Have you looked at Static Pods?
See if they don’t fit your requirements

Hi @larrydevops,
Thanks for replying.

As far as i understand (from the documentation):

“static Pods cannot be managed with kubectl or other Kubernetes API clients”

I need the pods to be handled by the master (for example in deployments) like regular pods, but with that one difference of automatically reloading in the case of reboot & communication lost.