Backing up etcd

hi is there a good resource for how to back up etcd in teh kubernetes docs?

di i need to install etcd before i can take a backup etc. im using katacoda to prcatice

I found this resource to be rather helpful.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

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Beside that, you can consider etcd-manager that kops is using (and has backups) or even this:

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Velero is great from what I hear.

ok struggling to get this to work. the docs dont seem to have much detail on etcd. is etcd installed as apart of the kubernetes install or it a OS thing? do i need to install etcd first. im trying to practice in katacoda but not getting very far…

It depends on how you want to install it. Most tools will include the etcd as part of the install of a Master Node, though if you want you can point the master to an outside etcd cluster.

What part are you struggling with?