Call for Feedback, contributor site designs


Hi everyone, we’ve gotten some new design mockups from @acontini for We’d like to get your feedback on these!

Discussion thread: Contributor Site

EDIT: Whoops, I selected the wrong poll type so I replaced it, if you voted early you need to vote again, sorry about that!

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4

Design #5

Design #6

Design #7


Ok, select the radio button for the one you like the most. This isn’t a scientific vote, we’re not going to automatically choose the most popular one, we mostly just wanted to see what people thought of these designs and add that to our thought process. Have fun and feel free to leave a comment below.

  • Design 1
  • Design 2
  • Design 3
  • Design 4
  • Design 5
  • Design 6
  • Design 7

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I think the degrees of cognitive separation between the body, sidebar, and header are really important, and the poll seems to be reflecting that. I wonder, though, with the amount of blues and grays, can we find someone who’s color blind to also validate these designs for readability?


There’s tooling to check for friendliness for visual impairments generally. Decent discussion here:

I voted for #4 because there seems to be a desire for clear branding – given that desire, #4 provides the best contrast for readability not just for the color-blind but for other forms of visual impairment. White text on a background of any color is harder to read :-(. Also please no grayscale – it’s another form of poor contrast.


Wow. Thanks for posting that discussion link. The info and links contained are quite helpful.