Call for Help: Front-end web developers with hugo and js experience


We’re working on a KEP (Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal), for a contributor site. Ultimately this site will be the first destination for people who contribute to Kubernetes.There’s a long and detailed document on that here:

But basically here’s the summary. We have tons of useful things in Things like KEPs, design documents, developer and contributor guides. If you check in the repo every markdown file (.md) in there has useful information. Sharing this information isn’t very UX-friendly, just look at that URL above!

What we’d like to do is take all the useful markdown files in there, feed it into hugo, and spit out something nice. We also want to make things more useful for contributors. Some features like:

  • Integration with the community calendar
  • a section to index/search/surface incoming KEPs
  • Landing pages for each of the subdirectories in so that each directory has it’s own page generated from the README. Contributors would keep committing to their markdown pages, while the site becomes the public face to those files.
  • YouTube integration so visitors can follow what’s going on in the YouTube Channel
  • Possible integration points with and

You’d interact with SIG Contributor Experience is the owner of the site and will be project managing. Also, SIG Docs, which owns the site and recently migrated to hugo.

Feel free to PM me if you’re interested!


I’d like to help with content curation, new content for the landing page or filling in the gaps. I also have experience with doc builds and netlify. I don’t have front-end skills though.

Just let me know where I should go to collaborate with the other people working on this. :slight_smile:


@carolynvs I am in this maze of information, figuring out what is right to put on the site, how to make it easier for new contributers


I have experience with JavaScript/Frontend and would love to help, but I can’t send PMs (probably because of too young account?). :slight_smile:



Just a quick status report here, @whs is working on a prototype and once he has something we’ll post it in here and then just work on it in this thread, so please stand by!