Centrally, default settings, for a group of k8s Deployments?

I try to investigate following.


Rules would need to be added to tens of Deployments. In this case, affinity rules:


E.g. anti affinity rules.

Currently such definitions need to be given for each Deployment separately, in helm charts.


Does k8s provide some means to set same affinity rules centrally, e.g. for all Deployments, e.g in one namespace.

It would be like, default settings.

It needs to be possible to override the rules in special cases.

Or, are there some other means to achieve the same/similar central location for settings?

It is possible to fetch settings from certain central location, to a file, when each chart is created.

But are there better, more “official” kinds of functionalities available, in k8s, helm charts, etc., to centrally define such default settings/rules?

I believe that this is not possible at this moment.
There is this issue with some more info https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/68827