Cluster API: Controlplane lifecycle management workstream

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Controlplane lifecycle management workstream.

Following is the detail of the kickoff meeting,

We shall initiate the discussions around possible ways of managing the lifecycle of control plane components in ClusterAPI-managed clusters.


Summary after 2 kick-off meetings.:

  • As a first step, we shall prepare the following 3 proposals in terms of managing control-plane.
  1. Machine-based: Control-plane hosted on dedicated master machines.
  2. Pod-based: Control-plane hosted on a separate management cluster.
  3. Managed-service: Control-plane offered by managed kubernetes-services, eg. GKE, EKS, AKS …

WIP Proposal for [2]: Doc
Proposal for [1], [3] are Pending.

Agreed Milestone:

  • Prepare above-mentioned 3 proposals by 7th June 2019.
  • We also expect it gets reviewed by critical-mass by 7th, so that to initiate the discussion on possible decision-points.
  • Next workstream meeting will be immediately after Kubecon-week [20-23rd May 2019]. - yet to be scheduled.
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