Dev looking to start contributing



Name : Chris Carty

Contact :

Skills : golang (intermediate), python (intermediate)

Area where you’re looking to help : I want to further my understanding of Kubernetes and contribute to the project so really anywhere help is needed.

Time available to commit : 5 Hours a week.


@macintoshprime Is there a specific area you’d be interested in helping out with? The project is large and management is broken up into Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that own specific parts of the code base and various subprojects.


Thanks @mrbobbytables . I am interested in helping out with things around the api, the cli and runtime areas. That being said I would be more than happy to help out in any area that needs assistance. Would probably need a bit of assistance as I get skilled up though in any of the SIG groups.


There are a few good first issue / help wanted items for both api-machinery and the cli :slight_smile:

If any look good, feel free to pop into their slack channel or chime in on the issue if you have questions. :smiley: Folks will usually be happy to provide guidance.


Thanks for the direction :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure what the best way to get going was. I will take a look and then drop in on the SIG’s slack.

Thanks again!