Dev wants to start contributing



Name: Dominik Robert



  • Golang (advanced (not expert))
  • Python (beginner)
  • C++ (advanced (not expert))
  • Java (advanced (not expert))

Area where you’re looking to help: I want to introduce me better in kubernetes and wants to start helping in the parts that need help. But favorite is CLI, API, Runtime and Docs

Time available to commit: 5-10 Hours a week.

Extra: I need to improve my skills, so I can’t do anything really fast, but I’m willing to learn.


I have given this advice many times.

Start with a piece you find interesting. If you like CLI, start at
kubectl. Start at main(). Read it. If it doesn’t make sense, play
with it - add temporary printfs until you understand it. Then write
better comments or rename variables or functions or refactor until the
next person won’t struggle. Proceed.

If you can make it an hour without finding SOMETHING to fix, I will be shocked.

Before long you will be a foremost expert in it and can start
reviewing other people’s code and tackling bigger bugs and features.

None of this code is rocket science. Just start reading it.