Doodle poll: etcdadm subproject bi-weekly meeting time


The mission of the etcdadm subproject is to make it easier to operate etcd in any environment. Today etcdadm is a CLI with a workflow inspired by kubeadm, but other features and use cases are planned.

If you are interested in etcdadm and want to attend the bi-weekly meeting, please help choose a time:

I will share an update on Friday, May 10.


P.S. I have cross-posted this to!aboutgroup/kubernetes-sig-cluster-lifecycle

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Slots with the most options were Monday 9-10am PST, and Friday 9-10am PST.

Let’s use Friday 9-10am PST, alternating with the kops office hours, which also take place every two weeks. I’ll send out an invite.

P.S. I accidentally chose Monday 9-10am on the Doodle, and now can’t change my choice.


Moshe brought to my attention that Friday morning PST is Friday evening in Europe. I think we can agree that Friday evening is a time for family and friends, not meetings. Given that there were equal votes for Monday 9am PST, let’s go with that slot instead.



The first etcdadm meeting will be Monday, June 10. Next week is KubeCon, the week after a lot of the SIG meetings are taking a break, and unfortunately I will not be able to host the meeting Monday June 3.

I have created an agenda google doc.

Please let me know if you cannot access the doc, or Google Docs in general.