Extending the Kubernetes API with the aggregation layer for other languages rather than Golang


i’m looking forward to extend the k8s features with a custom API Server. I checkout out the documentation (Configure the Aggregation Layer - Kubernetes and others) and finally comes to api builder for Golang projects. I’m interested in develop the custom API Server but in other programming languages than golang but sadly i cannot found any other project or detailed docs about how to do it so far.

Because the RESTful nature of those API Servers i think that it is possible to implement a new api server in nodejs for example rather than in golang. Anyone have any advice or experience on that?

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While you are correct that the aggregated API server exposes REST endpoints, the complexity in developing it is primarily around the delegated authentication/authorization steps that need to happen between the main API server and the aggregated API server. For this the most help you will get today is by referring to existing projects which are primarily golang based. For instance, we have developed an aggregated API server that you can take a look at:

You can read about our journey of discovering the right combinations for developing an aggregated API server here:

One of the primary drivers for us to choose golang was the example project that we were referring to was golang based (sample-apiserver). I believe that will still be the case when it comes to developing an aggregated API server.

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