Fetching source Pod IP through header

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Cloud being used: GCP

How do I get the source pod IP from which the request originated from?. If pod1 sends a HTTP request to pod2, is there any information that can be fetched from headers indicating the IP of pod1 as the origin of request?.

I tried the externalTrafficPolicy-Local, but that only helps in identifying the IP of the ingress traffic(through X-Forwarded-For). I would need to know the details of traffic within the cluster

Is this from a pod in the cluster to anothert pod in the cluster directly? Or is it going up and out to a load-balancer (internal or external? L4 or HTTP?)

@thockin , Pod in the cluster to another pod in the cluster directly.

Then the source IP in the packet is the source IP. externalTrafficPolicy is for traffic from outside of the cluster.

Instead of packet capturing, is there a way add this IP to HTTP headers?

There’s no magic packet processing (and especially not HTTP-aware) being done here - it’s your pod to your other pod.