GKE recreate service with different name but the same external IP


I’d like to change the service name with IP assigned (LoadBalancer). I can delete the old service and create the new one with the new name but how I can do it with preserving external-ip. Is it possible on GKE?

Cluster information:

Cloud being used: Google GKE

You can request a specific LB IP in your service YAML, and if that IP
is reserved in your project (and is unused) it should claim it.

Thanks, I check the manual again and there is a short information about this:

"Some cloud providers allow you to specify the loadBalancerIP . In those cases, the load-balancer is created with the user-specified loadBalancerIP" - Service | Kubernetes

My IP was ephemeral but thankfully there is a way to promote an ephemeral external IP address.