Golang developer looking to get started



Jay Vercellone

How to Contact Me:


  • Go (beginner)
  • Python (experienced)

Area where you’re looking to help:
Source code

Time available to commit:
Between 10-20 hours/week


We have a lot of code. Please feel free to jump in anywhere. If you
can read code for an hour and not find something you want to fix, I’ll
be shocked. All code can be better - refactor, rename, comments, etc.


Checking out your github, it looks like you work for Amazon :slight_smile: You could reach out to sig-aws or dive into any one of their sub-projects. If you’re in slack, I’d hop into their channel and give them a ping.


@jverce I am adding you to a couple of open issues where we need help in SIG AWS. You can ping me on slack to discuss the type of issues that interest you and we can fine tune along the way.

Also feel free to join SIG AWS and KOPS bi-weekly meetings for more info.

@mrbobbytables - thanks for the reference to the forum and about this inquiry! much appreciated.


Hi @d-nishi,

Unfortunately I’m not able to join Slack (getting Kubernetes Slack invites are unavailable message at slack.k8s.io).

I also saw that assigning the issue to me in Github failed due to a membership issue.
I’ll start looking into the issue you assigned to me in the meantime.



Yes. You need to fix some issues to get a membership. It’s ok if the issue wasn’t assigned. Try resolving it. Also I will email you some more issues to look at.

Once you work through 7/8 issues I can also show you how to get your membership!