Helm Secrets question - What is the purpose of the 'values.yaml' file (under helm_vars directory)?

I’ve been reading through readme’s, tutorials and source code, for the ‘helm-secrets’ capabilities, as I’m trying to understand what the purpose of the unencrypted ‘values.yaml’ file, that lives under ‘helm_vars’ directory, has.

All tutorials and even the example code has a ‘values.yaml’ where the unencrypted key/value pairs exist. But, why would I want any unencrypted file to exist in my code repo. Doing some dry-runs and some test installs, I’ve tried them with and without the ‘values.yaml’, and it appears to work, either way.

Can anyone provide some clarity around this? If the ‘values.yaml’ file is necessary, why wouldn’t helm-secrets plugin flag that. What purpose does it provide?

Thank you.