How do I get started?


@castrojo . I would love to contribute to Kubernetes, Thanks for creating this category …
What way can I contribute ? would love to run tests and make patches … to begin with.

About the Contributors category

This is a great question! We have a newish guide that we’ve been working on:

This walks you step by step on how to get started. We also have a set of open issues with the guide if you’re looking to help improve it. Feedback on the guide is always appreciated, so if you think something is too confusing or needs to be fleshed out more let us know!


Also, see these videos:


At KubeCon EU, the SIG-ContribeX team led a great Contributor Summit where you can learn how to get your first contributions in, you should check out the videos here to get started:


Checkout the TGK Kubernetes playlist from Heptio (mostly casted by Joe)

He is trying to be explanatory as possible for new users. In every episode, he’s trying to brief what’s happening in the community, quick review of new / interesting projects.


Welcome @SK11!

Once you’ve checked out the kubernetes/kubernetes repo following the contributor guide, you could also checkout kubernetes/kubeadm.

We have a simple guide that demonstrates building and testing kubeadm using bazel and vagrant:


Find some issue with help-wanted labels :slight_smile:


How do i get an invite to k8s slack?


Just need to sign up with your email here: