How to do autoscaling based on network traffic/bandwidth?

Hi, i am working on academic project in which i have been asked to deploy a host firewall integrated with iptables and ndpi on Docker. Now i want to fully orchestrate that firewall with kubernetes having a feature of autoscaling based on network traffic or ping requests to that firewall in a container.
kindly anyone tell how i am supposed to do that? do i need to enable some custom metrics ?## Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: latest
Cloud being used: bare metal (on minikube)
Installation method: minikube
Host OS: ubuntu 18.04
CNI and version: latest
CRI and version: latest

HPA with custom metrics, like Prometheus?


Thanks for the reply. will try to do this through Prometheus.

Let us know how it goes. Please share the learnings, I never did it but I’m interested :slight_smile: