How to get reviewer's attention, when your pr need them

Hi, guys.
what you could do?
like, you assigned them, wait for a couple of days. but get no response.
of course, they are busy, get lots of notice, i can totally understand.

so, all we need is to make them notice us , speak loudly ? any idea?

Slack is good for this. Sadly, github’s email system is just BROKEN.

thanks for your reply
Slack is good but still need good luck. (tried before)

is it good to assign everyone in the owner file? more chance to get a response, but is it polite?
or just pick one. but chance becomes smaller.

Or show up at a SIG meeting.

Or send email to the SIG mailing list.

Don’t worry so much about polite :slight_smile: Say please and thank you, but
don’t be too shy.

thank you.
you are very nice and helpful.

I think these suggestions are helpful to all.