How to use Expansion interface, like PodTemplateListerExpansion

Hi everyone

when we want to list obj like pods, we use “podLister”.
it implements the interface PodLister.

type PodLister interface {
	List(selector labels.Selector) (ret []*v1.Pod, err error)
	Pods(namespace string) PodNamespaceLister

// PodListerExpansion allows custom methods to be added to PodLister.
type PodListerExpansion interface{}

Any idea, how we can make use of this ‘PodListerExpansion’?

those codes are generated by the lister-generator.
check the code, it’s a hard code template,

var expansionInterfaceTemplate = `
// $.|public$ListerExpansion allows custom methods to be added to
// $.|public$Lister.
type $.|public$ListerExpansion interface {}

thanks, everyone.

found an issue, talking about this.
how to add customized methods into expansion?