Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone,

My name is Ali and i am a Devops Engineer at IBM been working with kubernetes for the past 3 years. Helping different customers migrate apps to kubernetes, help designing and deploying kubernetes clusters.

Looking forward to contribute and be an active member here

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Hello k8s community,

I am Maqbool. I am excited about the k8s and related technologies and hopefully I will be attending this year KubeCon in China. I wish to contribute and learn a lot from this community.

You can find me:

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Hi Everyone,

I’m Iyus Dedi Putra from Indonesia, i’m currently work as a linux system adminitrator. I have not experience using k8s on production but currently do some research to migrate our server manage by it.


Iyus Dedi Putra

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Hello everyone, I’m Anthony Angel, and I’m interested in dev-ops and software design. I’m looking for some more work and hoping to find new opportunities here.

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Hello @smileisak, I took the CKAD and now I’m preparing to take the CKA, any advice or good resource you still has that can help ?

Thanks a lot

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Hi Guys,

Myself raju working as cloud platform engineer in Düsseldorf, Germany. I have been using k8s(EKS-nodes with autoscaling) all done using terraform apply :slight_smile: . I am here to help and getting helped by someone. I am reading k8s books on safari online too.

have a glance at personal-site

Thank you.

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Hello, everyone.

I am BSc student that got a chance to experience Kubernetes during my internship. Currently working on my final year project, hope that you all can spend a minute of your time to help me by filling up the questionnaire. :smiley:

I will be posting the link to my questionnaire later. Below is my questionnaire. Thank You.

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Hi everyone,

I am a DevOps based cloud infrastructure engineer from Pakistan living in Ireland. Having been learning and playing around with Docker and Kubernetes for a while now and came here with the intention of starting to contribute back!

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Hi everyone,

am working as a remote Devops for a company in US from el salvador, in this days am learning Ks8 to improve some ec2 machines that we use at work for some services, and bring more resilience to the infra.


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Hi, I am Giuseppe and I work for Cluster Reply in Italy as a Senior Consultant. Currently I am working on a challenging project where we decided to adopt the Microservices Approach using AKS on Azure.
The challenge is convince the customer to move the infrastracture on Azure showing the pros of using a managed service like AKS,


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Hi, I am Henning and responsible for developer infrastructure at Zalando. We run 100+ clusters on AWS and I’m always interested in knowledge exchange with people running similar setups!

I also maintain a small bunch of Open Source tools for Kubernetes:

I just started a compilation of Kubernetes Failure Stories and would be glad to hear yours!


Hi My name is Ernesto im a creative director, I worked at Endsofttech Web Solutions. Just starting to know about cloud computing using kubernates. Glad to be here. :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I’m Pratik Pawar, currently working as Full Stack Engineer. I love learning new things and problem solving. I just started exploring k8s to solve deployment and release equation for one of our application on premises and on AWS.

In spare time I like to travel, exploring new places, trying out different cuisine, game of chess or dota2 :slight_smile:

Its great to have support network as I take learning steps into k8s world. Big thanks to all mods. I look forward to collaboration on forum with you all.

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Hello world, Am Kiran. New to K8s, excited to learn k8. :smiley:


I am Ted. github username is tedyu

I have a PR:

Can someone add me to slack channel so that I can request review on the sig ?


I’m a software developer who is working in the Google Cloud now with GKE (ingress, nginx, services, deployments, etc…). I am learning daily about new features that I didn’t know existed and wishing it would work. I’m here seeking out any guidance, tips, tricks, and excited to be part of this community.


Hi all, I am a recent college grad working at a telcom, using kubernetes to help build Voltha/seba for software defined networking. I am a newbie and didn’t know anything about k8s just a couple months ago, but I am quickly learning and see why kubernetes is becoming such a hot topic. I also like to mess around at home.


Hi all! I’m Craig, and I’m glad to be here. I’m a program manager at Microsoft working in the dev team that contributes to open source projects like Kubernetes and Moby. I hope that I can learn from this community and share my own experiences. Outside of tech I love to cycle and hike with my family in the SF Bay Area of California.




I’m Jahed, and I work on product at Magalix. We just became Silver sponsors of KubeCon Amsterdam as well as CNCF members.

We’re building (primarily) open source tools to lower barriers to adoption for K8s for devs and devops engineers in companies of all sizes, but primarily focused on smaller groups. /end pitch

I’ve been semi-obsessed with K8s and the space for about a year and a half, to the point where i’ve launched little toy clusters to play with some of the home automation tools we’ve set up on GCP, both as a way to learn K8s and to see if we could eke out any savings with the $300 GCP credit.

Also, hopefully this is not too spammy, I apologize if it is in advance. I’m constantly running user research studies to better understand what devs and teams are doing and experiencing in their K8s adoption journey and am reimbursing folks with $50 Amazon gift cards for their participation. Please DM me if you’re interested, and thanks!


Hi, my nickname is mgt (mygithubthrowaway), I’m working as junior devops eng.

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