Join k8s 1.13 Release team!



The k8s 1.13 release cycle is less than a month away and we are looking for volunteers to fill up the 1.13 Release Team and Shadow roles. If you want to sit in on the discussions, nominate yourself or others for any of the roles (upto 3 shadows per role !) or just interested in observing this process, please join us on the following dates:

1.13 Release Team Nominations

When: Monday, 9/10, 10am PST

Where: 1.12 Release team meeting

Present and discuss nominations with Sig-Release

When: Tuesday, 9/11, 2pm PST

Where : SIG Release Biweekly

You can also directly put in your nominations in the official issue for assembling the 1.13 RT

We aim to keep it lightweight and open for all to participate. Thanks and looking forward to putting together yet another passionate release team !