K8s Ingress Office Hours, Thursday, June 4th [Postponed]

Hi everyone,

People keep asking questions about ingress during office hours so we decided to have some folks from SIG Network sit in and answer questions about ingress.

The stream will be this Thursday at 9am PT: https://youtu.be/6aHq-BsOY5g

You can bring your own questions or queue them up in #office-hours on slack.k8s.io or this thread.

One of the things the office hours team has been working on is having more “themed” office hours. We are keeping the general office hours of course but also want to have sessions that focus on a certain topic. If you have any feedback for what you’d like to see in future sessions, please reply with a suggestion! We’d love to just outright tackle the hard stuff people are struggling with.

Hi everyone, due to what’s going on in the US that’s affecting many of us we’ll be punting on this for now. We’ll reschedule at a future date, thanks for understanding.