Kubectl release tags: Purpose of two seemingly identical release tags for each "release"

Haii :wave:,

I am perusing the kubectl tags page, and I’m a bit confused as to why there are seemingly two tags for the same release.

For example, 12 days ago, the same commit was tagged v0.24.0-beta.0 and kubernetes-1.24.0-beta.0

The version name within the tag prefixed with kubernetes- works with the installation method on the kubernetes docs, and the version with the major version being 0 doesn’t work. I’m confused because the tag prefixed with kubernetes- seems to indicate something is more kubernetes-specific than usual, or that the release cadence is in line with kubernetes releases? If that is the case, then why have a duplicate tag with a different version?

I’m asking because I am creating a generalized version manager (rbenv, nvm, etc.), and I am in the process of integrating kubectl. - and I’m not sure how to process the versions. If they are always exact duplicates (or supposed to be), then I don’t want to print both versions. But if they are meant to indicate two different things, then I would like to show both versions at the same time.

I hope this is the right place to post, I almost created an issue at kubernetes/kubectl, but it seemed better to post here. Any info is appreciated :grin: