Kubernetes needs a Stack Overflow shepherding team

Sponsoring SIG: SIG Contributor Experience

SIG List/Slack: https://contributor.kubernetes.io/sigs/sig-contributor-experience/

Mentors/Point of Contact: @castrojo - Jorge Castro

Description: Kubernetes should spend more time curating and maintaining the Kubernetes tag on stackoverflow. Right now a bunch of that is passive, we basically tell people to go post there and then we tell smart people to go answer questions there.

What we need is someone to organize a small team of shepherds who will take a more active role in the site. You’d need to organize regular meetings, come up with a plan and strategy, and then report back to the community on a regular basis. Things we could use some help on are things like:

  • Doing an analysis on the top trafficked questions and ensuring that the top answers are linking to the proper upstream documentation.
  • Helping to organize the tag itself, ensure the description and tag wiki are up to date
    • This might involve work in other tags like “kubeadm” or “kubectl”.
  • Keep the community informed of what’s happening on SO.
    • Quarterly report? Question of the week to put in the community meeting?
    • Come up with a smarter way of connecting good questions to SIGs.
    • Come up with some metrics to measure success. Not just “Question answered percentage”, but a way to help us understand how things can get better.
  • Clean up of old questions, asking for clarification of new ones, etc.
  • Engage with the existing SO community.
    • Clever contests?
    • Find ways to reward contributors, right now we do “Top 10 Stackoverflow users this month” once a month.
  • Whatever awesome ideas you can come up with.

Time Commitment: Not sure, this can be anywhere from a few hours a week to hours a day depending on how deep you want to go. This would probably work better as a team and not just one individual.

Skills Required: Working knowledge of how Stack Overflow works. You can’t just show up and start submitting a ton of changes to a tag on your own, this will involve communicating with top tag users, organizing, and working together as a team. The more reputation you have on the site the more rights you’d have to manage the k8s tag, so that would probably help.

k8s Membership Required: No.

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I will like to help with this.

please let me know if i can help in something

already on it boss! :slight_smile: . https://stackoverflow.com/users/7796179/yomateo

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I can help as well.

Sorry it took me so long to respond, do we want to try to have a meeting on zoom/slack or should we just get started?

w/e works!

i’m in guys

I can help out with this.

I’ve been slammed lately, do one of you want to take charge and start organizing?

i have completed CKA certification an year ago and since then am on stackoverflow. helping the community on k8s questions