Last Week in Kubernetes Development: July 2, 2018



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Kubernetes 1.11 is out, in case you somehow missed it (really?). As such, this issue of LWKD is going to cover the many PRs for future Kubernetes that were held up during code freeze and you may be able to look forward to in 1.12.

Community Meeting Summary

Last week’s community meeting consisted of a containerd demo followed by the public 1.11 Release Retrospective. The demo talked about containerd integration plans, and showed off deploying some pods on it.

The 1.11 retrospective let the release team and contributors hash out some of what went well and badly in this release cycle, to improve the next release.

Went Well:

  • shorter Code Freeze
  • earlier docs deadlines
  • getting stability on tests earlier

Needs Improvement:

  • more calendar jiggering, including a longer Code Thaw, and Test Freeze, Cherrypick Freeze dates.
  • flaky tests need to be fixed or go away
  • the feature freeze process needs a revamp
  • request earlier drafts on docs
  • need new release note tooling

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: publish schedule, week of July 10th.

The 1.12 Release Cycle has started. If you wanted a spot on the release team, you’ll have to wait for someone to drop out; they’re full up. Or maybe volunteer for 1.13.

Feature Work


  • --use-openapi-print-columns is deprecated in favor of --server-print

Version Updates

Other Merges