Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending December 8, 2019

Developer News

Kubernetes 1.17 has been released! Interesting features include (but are not limited to) better IPv6 and DualStack support, using EndpointSlices instead of Endpoints for everything, and CSI Topology goes GA in time to make everyone migrate to CSI using Volume Migration. Look out for all of the deprecated metrics that haven been removed from this version, and the requirement for Go 1.13.4+.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Kubernetes 1.18 cycle begins, January 2

v1.17 is released, which means we now enter the limbo of the Holiday season, before work on the next release begins on the new year. If you’re interested in serving on the 1.18 release team, follow the team issue.

Updates on all supported versions, including 1.14.10, 1.15.7, and 1.16.4, are due to be released on Wednesday December 11th. If you’re still using 1.13, it’s past time to upgrade.

1.17 Merges

1.18 Merges


Version Updates (in 1.18)

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