Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending February 7, 2021

Developer News

On Thursday the 11th, Jérôme Petazzoni is hosting a special session with the CNCF Maintainers Circle to share his experiences as a container evangelist. Reach out to #maintainers-circle on CNCF Slack for more information.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exceptions Deadline, March 1

The 1.21 Enhancements Freeze is in effect by EOD Feb 9th. Please check your feature in the tracking sheet; if it’s not up to date there you’re gonna need an Exception.

The deadline for cherrypicks for the next batch of update releases is this Friday.

Featured PRs

#95479: NUMA Memory manager for Kubelet

If you run large-scale NUMA servers, the Kubelet will now be able to manage NUMA memory affinity. This mirrors the existing CPU manager subsystem, with the only policy defined so far being --memory-manager-policy=static. An example of a memory policy:

--reserved-memory 0:memory=1Gi,hugepages-1M=2Gi
--reserved-memory 1:memory=2Gi

If you are using Kubernetes in a NUMA environment, give it a shot and provide feedback to SIG-Node!

#95567: test images: Mirrors dockerhub images to staging

If you run the end-to-end tests locally and are hitting Docker Hub pull limits, this change should resolve them. This may be useful to locally cherry-pick to older versions if you are still maintaining things.

And to reiterate from the PR, these images are part of the e2e testing system and not for general use.

#98678: Graduate TTLAfterFinished to beta

After many years as an alpha feature, the TTLAfterFinished system is finally moving up to beta. This feature is enabled through a ttlSecondsAfterFinished in both JobSpec and PodSpec, and if set the controller will automatically delete jobs or pods after they reach a finished state. This functionality has long been relegated to out-of-tree tools but as a common stumbling block, it’s great that it will be available to everyone in the next release.

Other Merges



A whole bunch of v1beta1 API versions are going away when 1.22 gets released, including CRDs and webhooks. Time to refactor your YAML files again!

Version Updates

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