Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending January 12, 2020

Developer News

The Amsterdam Contributor Summit, to be held March 30th, is now taking session proposals.

Please also fill out the Kubernetes developer survey.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, Jan 28th

The 1.18 release cycle has begun! Time for SIGs to figure out what they’re likely to have for 1.18. Important dates:

  • Enhancements Freeze: Jan 28
  • Code Freeze: March 5
  • Docs Due: March 16
  • Release: March 24

The following patch releases, covering all supported versions, will be coming out tommorrow (Jan 14):

  • 1.17.1
  • 1.16.5
  • 1.15.8

Version 1.14 is now out of support, so maybe look at upgrading.

Featured PRs

Sort release notes by Kind(s) instead of SIG(s)

For the 1.18 release, the team will be experimenting with sorting changes by Kind instead of by SIG, in response to user requests. Sascha Grunert has shared an example of 1.17’s notes sorted that way. If you have objections or concerns about this, comment on the PR before it merges on Thursday.

stop using ginkgo.flakeAttempts in e2e jobs

Several years ago, we set ginko.flakeAttempts to “2” in many e2e tests, even pushing an upstream change to ginko. This effectively allowed each test two tries to pass, as a hacky way to deal with network timeouts and other issues. The setting also has given us an artificial confidence in how reliable a lot of code is.

That ends soon,; it’s already been removed from the release-blocking jobs. This does mean that some of your tests that weren’t considered “flaky” before now will be – fix them.

Other Merges


  • Remove the following feature gates for now-GA features: PodPriority, TaintNodesByCondition, ScheduleDaemonSetPods, ResourceQuotaScopeSelectors; time to audit your YAML files again

Version Updates

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