Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending January 3, 2021

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Shadow Selection, Jan 8th

Interested in being part of the 1.21 Release Team? The way in is through the apprenticeship program. Apply using the Shadow Form by this Friday.

Over the holidays, Release Engineering pushed update versions to correct a release tagging issue, including 1.20.1, 1.19.6, 1.18.14, and 1.17.16. If you installed the previous-numbered versions, there is no need for you to upgrade at this time, but if you are currently upgrading please use the latest minor versions.

Featured PR

community#5368: Make PRR approval required

Our only featured PR for this week, but it’s a doozey. SIG-Architecture has requested that all future KEPs get the approval of their Production Readiness subproject. This was merged under lazy consensus though overall it appears few were aware of the change, either at all or the scope. Concerns have been raised that this may create a process bottleneck given the size of the team, as well as potentially running counter to the distributed nature of Kubernetes governance. If you have opinions on this issue, please do weigh in on k-dev or the PR.

Other Merges


  • kubeadm kubeconfig user is beta


The Pod Security Policy API is being deprecated because of what SIG-Arch sees as insurmountable design problems.

Other removals:

  • kubeadm removed deprecated command selfhosting pivot
  • kube-proxy’s --cleanup-ipvs flag is removed, subsumed into general --cleanup
  • AttachVolumeLimit feature gate removed since AVL is GA

Version Updates

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