Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending January 31, 2021

Developer News

The default branch for kubernetes/org repo is now “main” instead of “master”. Other kubernetes repos are likely to follow … eventually.

The Server Side Apply team would like your feedback; follow their instructions and take the survey if you write CRDs or other client go code.

The KIND project has two new maintainers, and testing-commons subproject, sans maintainers, is now “best effort”. Particularly, if you have testing questions, bring them to the main sig-testing meeting.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, Feb 9

You need to have your enhancement tracked by next Tuesday using the new process to ensure that related PRs will be included in 1.21. Currently the release has 24 enhancements tracked, but only from 5 SIGs, which says that the rest of y’all aren’t paying attention.

1.21 Alpha 2 is out, and cherrypick deadline for the next patch releases is Feb 12.


Structured Log Migration Beat: APIserver admissions, generic_scheduler.go and types.go



Version Updates

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