Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending June 28, 2020

Developer News

There were new releases this weekend to fix breaking Hyperkube (more below). Note that Hyperkube is deprecated and will not be built by the Kubernetes project for 1.19, so if you’re the community images for your builds, you need to come up with another plan.

Per last week’s LWKD update, the image repository move was rolled back and will need to be retried later.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs complete July 6, Code Freeze July 9

Hopefully you’re finishing your docs now, so USians can take the holiday weekend off.

1.18.5, 1.17.8, and 1.16.12 were released June 26 to fix multiple kube-proxy failures in Hyperkube. If you don’t use Hyperkube and already installed the prior bugfix release, you don’t need to care. If you do use Hyperkube, skip last week’s patch release and go straight to this one (but be prepared to take on your own Hyperkube maintenance pretty soon)

Other Merges

Version Updates

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