Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending May 27th, 2018



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Community Meeting Summary

Last week’s Community Meeting started with a demo of Argo, a workflow engine implemented as a CRD. Argo was recently turned into an open community by Intuit, and is compatible with Kubeflow.

SIG Updates:

  • Doug Davis reported for SIG Service Catalog. They recently released the svcat command line tool, and are working on moving from a dedicated APIserver to using CRDs. Other items for a GA release include async bindings, generic brokers, and resolving some issues around namespaces and instance names. The svcat effort was a mentorship project led by Carol Van Slyck and others.
  • Tim Allclair explained what SIG Auth is working on, including improving the TokenRequest API for 1.11, client-go support for x509 credentials, a scheduling policy design for 1.12, and better metatdata for audit logging. They have an open KEP on security conformance.
  • SIG Storage, per Brad Childs, was fresh back from a face-to-face meeting. They are moving all storage out of tree to use CSI instead, and will be adding CSI features to 1.11. Storage has a multi-release plan to expand storage testing, and will be adding more metrics to CSI for SRE monitoring. They are also reorganizing their 20+ external projects and making sure they all have owners, and will be consolidating the set of storage operators for easy location by users.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Draft Docs PRs for all features due June 4th

Last week was week 8 of the 1.11 release cycle. Code Slush begins May 29th. The release is in excellent shape for tests, with only 3 failing tests currently unresolved. Thank you to all the contributors whose hard work keeps the tests passing.

The Burndown Meetings for Code Slush and Code Freeze will be at different times than in the past. Please check the calendar.

Feature Work

Testing Changes

Since we’re into Code Slush, SIG Testing has been fixing many tests.

Now Beta

The following features have been moved to beta for 1.11:


Still lots of Kubeadm changes:

Deprecations and Breakage

Version Updates

Other Merges