Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending October 18, 2020

Developer News

The project is currently debating moving to 3 releases a year instead of 4. Definitely add your thoughts on the Github Issue if this will affect your development process either way.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Nov 2: Final feature exceptions

We’re currently in Enhancements Freeze, so if you haven’t submitted your 1.20 feature yet, you’ll need an Exception before Nov 2. Also, placeholder Docs PRs are due Nov 6, so don’t lose track. There are 55 tracked features filed for 1.20.

Updates 1.19.3, 1.18.10, and 1.17.13 came out last week. As noted, these had a lot of fixes in them, so apply soon. Next patch release phase begins Nov. 6.

Featured PRs

#91014: Move cmd/controller-manager to

This PR is a big reshuffling of some core code. Most of controller-manager is moved to a new staging package, however some cloud-specific bits are now in This simplifies the overall dependency structure of the KCM and CCM codebases, but do make sure to update any existing PRs to match the new locations.

#94489: Do not assume storageclass is still in-tree after csi migration

A subtle bug in the interactions between the PVC controller and out-of-tree CSI plugins was that annotations set for a storage resizer before swapping around CSI plugins would then be out of sync with reality if you tried to resize a volume later. This PR fixes this particular version of the problem but it’s a good reminder to always think about invariants in data that will live for a long time and how our code can cope with those invariants breaking.

Other Merges


Version Updates

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