Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week Ending September 22, 2019

Developer News

Kubernetes 1.16 came out last week!

Don’t forget that we removed a bunch of deprecated APIs in this release, which may break things for you, especially Helm. Yes, you’re gonna have to update your charts.

While the blog has the top new features, let’s explore some less-hyped 1.16 features that you may nonetheless care about:

  • Pod Spread Constraints: This alpha feature lets you fine-tune the scheduler for specific applications, such as the common case of “try to get the pods on as many different nodes as possible,” a popular requirement for databases.
  • RuntimeClasses: this alpha option for nodes and pods, with scheduling support, lets you pick container runtimes for special purpose containers that need to run GPUs, VMs, or similar. Also applies PodOverhead.
  • kubeadm DualStack: clusters installed with kubeadm can now get DualStack support, making IPv6-aware clusters more of a reality for a lot of users.
  • WatchBookmarks: now on by default, allowing bookmark events to greatly reduce overall watch traffic for the API server and thus improve scalability.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.17 Release Cycle Begins, Sept. 23

Yes, 1.17 has already begun, with Guinevere Saenger at the helm. Interested in being on the release team? Join as a shadow. Applications open until the 25th, so don’t dawdle.

Patch release 1.16.1 is expected to be out on the 27th, mostly to fix AddHealthChecks and TokenCleaner.

Other Merges


Version Updates

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