Lwkd.info - Week Ending August 25, 2019

Developer News

Code Freeze starts this week. See below.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Code Freeze, August 29th

Code freeze is coming! You have just a few days to get in your final changes for 1.16, or you’ll have to wait for code thaw. And if that weren’t enough, your docs are due on September 3.

Also, 1.16-beta.2 will be released this week, so keep testing.

Featured PRs

59484: Add support for Ephemeral Containers to the kubelet

Ephemeral, or “debug”, containers has been a feature goal since 2017. This feature intends to allow users to start a temporary container with debugging tools in a pod’s namespace, so that they can troubleshoot problems or spot-check activity. Of course, the feature will probably also get used for other things. Note that in its current Alpha state, emphemeral containers requires turning on process namespace sharing.

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