Lwkd.info - Week Ending June 30, 2019

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.16 Release Cycle begins, July 1st

We’ve started 1.16, and a schedule for the release is up. Important dates:

  • July 30th: Enhancements Freeze
  • August 29th: Code Freeze
  • Sept. 9th: Docs complete
  • Sept. 16th: Release
    So, time to start marking your enhancment proposals with milestone v1.16, and work on those KEPs.

Featured Merges

Runtimeclass admission #78484

Creates a new admission controller for RuntimeClass, primarily so that we can account for resources tied to the pod sandbox.

Volume Scheduling Limits #77595

SIG Storage has been working for a while to give you the ability to limit how many volumes of each type that can be deployed on a node. This PR implements most of that, in a way that’s the same for both CSI and in-tree providers.

Cleanup Week

The first week of a new release cycle is often a “cleanup week” where devs take care of a whole lot of pending refactoring that has been waiting since last release, or longer. This week is no exception:

Other Merges