LWKD looking for additional writer/editor



LWKD looking for additional writer/editor

Sponsoring SIG/project: Last Week in Kubernetes Development (lwkd.info) team

List/Slack: Issues/PRs on the LWKD github

Mentors/Point of Contact: @jberkus


We are looking for an additional contributing editor/writer for LWKD.info, so that we can enhance it with new ideas and new coverage. As a volunteer, you would do some or all of the following things:

  • check weekly merged PRs and write summaries/digests of the changes they introduce
  • watch Steering Committee and/or Community Meeting videos and write summaries
  • write/edit updates on the current release cycle
  • write/edit other contributor community news items
  • create and execute new ideas for contributor news content
  • assist in publication of LWKD weekly

Time Commitment: (best guess)

Between two and five hours weekly, depending on how much you want to take on and how fast you write.

Skills Required:

  • Good English composition and editing skills
  • Moderate user knowledge of Kubernetes (enough to understand what some of the PRs are about)

k8s Membership Required: y/n (Some jobs will need privileged access to things, so be explicit here)


Lwkd.info - Week Ending October 21, 2018