Meeting to talk about autoscaler integration

hey all,

at the last cluster-api meeting[0], we talked about the effort to add a cluster-api provider to the kubernetes autoscaler. to further this effort we planned to have a meeting of the interested parties to discuss the current progress and what we might want to do going forward.

if you would like to join the discussion, we will have a 1 hour meeting on 3 March starting at 1400 UTC, using this link

hope to see you there!

peace o/



thanks to everyone who was able to attend the meeting today, we had a productive session and it sounds like we have good consensus about the work ahead.

if you weren’t able to make the meeting, or need a recap, we have taken notes in the main cluster-api meeting minutes[0]. look for the section labeled “Tue 3 March - 1400 UTC Autoscaler integration ad-hoc meeting”.