Non-Code-based Contributers' Guide


Hi All,

We’re working on putting together a project under the contributor’s guide specifically focused on roles and tasks for those whose skill set is anything other than “Actively Writes Code”. We’re approaching this to minimize any perceived barrier (real or not) that writing code is necessary to contribute to the project, in an attempt to bring in larger and more varied skill sets. An initial discussion has been recorded here and we’ll post further updates here (among other places) when we start scheduling the recurring meeting.


The following was just posted to the contribex mailing list:

Hello, All.

As many of you know, there have been discussions recently around the growth of contributor roles that are based on skill sets other than writing code. In an attempt to grow these skill sets within the k8s community, we are starting on a non-code-based contributor guide (or rather, section within the existing contributor guide) to help people with those skill sets find a place within the org. We’re primarily focused on identifying and documenting onboarding into both non-code-focused roles, as well as non-code tasks for code-focused roles. Note that this is intentionally slightly vague, as we are still exploring where “non-code” begins and ends, as well as the needs of the people this would benefit.

Currently, we are at the stage of scheduling a recurring bi-weekly meeting, and this is still being fleshed out. In the interest of maximizing attendance, we’ve created a doodle, to find out what times work well for everyone. ( ) If you are interested in this topic, please fill out the poll with times that might work for you, as we’d love to have more voices onboard.



After the poll, the Non-Code contributor conversation will be alternating Wednesdays at 11:00am PDT (UTC-7), starting this Wednesday, June 27th. Invites and documentation will be forthcoming.


Ok, I’ve PRed a section in the existing contributor guide for a non-developer section, as always feedback appreciated!