Office Hours for 28 August

Hello everyone,

We normally do the 3rd Wednesday of every month but a bunch of us are travelling next week so we’re bumping this one out to August 28.

Office hours are a livestream that we do on the Kubernetes YouTube channel. Our panel of experts will take questions from #office-hours on slack and then answer them in real time.

If you’ve got good Kubernetes experience and want to share it with the community then you are also encouraged to sit on our panel of experts, ping me offlist and we’ll get you set up, we’re always looking for volunteers to help our users! You can find all the meeting information and instructions here:

Or just click through YouTube to get a reminder.


Ok we’re going live in a few minutes, feel free to post questions here as well if you want us to address them!

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Alright, here are all the URLs for all the things we discussed during this episode, we certainly covered a bunch this time. I’ve put the “getting started” links in a separate group at the end.

Getting Started Links: