Office Hours for June 2020

Hear ye, hear ye! The third Wednesday of the month is coming up, June 17, that means it’s time for the Kubernetes Office Hours, our monthly livestream where we have a panel of experts as many of your Kubernetes questions as they can.

Feel free to hang out in #office-hours on and start queuing up your questions or post it here. As always when the livecasts are done we’ll post the notes here! Feel free to click through to the youtube session and subscribe to get a notification when we go live.

As always we’ll be giving away Kubernetes tshirts during the stream so make sure you drop on by!

EU Edition

Just a reminder that we’re going live today, first session starts in an about an hour from now, hope to see you there!

Hi everyone, due to some last minute cancellations we won’t have the West Coast US session today, so sorry about that, I’ll make sure we get the show notes in for the US Session into the post as soon as I can, thanks for understanding!