Payload taking long time to read on EKS

Hi we are facing an issue with python flask running on Kubernetes(EKS), we never faced this issue while running the same app on EC2 servers
The issue is while reading the incoming request payload. it is not reproducible and it happens once in 100 requests, sometimes it takes time ~1 to 5 sec, some times it is throwing an error at the 20s, mentioned the error below
cannot read from timed out object
Below is the code we are using

from werkzeug.datastructures import ImmutableMultiDict

def request_parser():

    Request Parser will parse args and kwargs from request object

    where args are ImmutableMultiDict, convert to_dict with flat=False,
    and return only dict type

        if request.method == "GET":
            args = request.args
        elif request.method in ("POST", "PUT"):
            args = request.json or request.form
        elif request.method == "DELETE":
            args = request.args
            if request.get_json(silent=True):
                args = request.json
            args = request.args

        # Checking if the args is immutablemultidict
        # if it then it is required to change to dict
        # because of change in python3.
        if isinstance(args, ImmutableMultiDict):
            args = args.to_dict(flat=False)

        return args
    except Exception as e:
        return {}```

from the tracing, we noticed that all the requests that are taking time are being stuck at the line `args = request.json or request.form` , sometimes it takes more time, some times(very rarely) it times out with the above-mentioned exception in flask Kubernetes environment, if anyone has faced a similar issue please share your inputs

Any sort of inputs will be helpful

### Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.23
Cloud being used: EKS (AWS)
Installation method:
Host OS: Linux AWS
CNI and version: latest
CRI and version: latest