Piratical example of pre-pulling images?

I set out to try to implement a pre-pulled image for a demo on how exactly the images get loaded onto the nodes. I started with the documentation but found that it is probably vague because the node implementations are not prescriptive (docker vs containerd).

My current attempt focused on containerd based nodes and I use the crictl and cri-containerd commands on each node to load an image from a tar and display that it had been successfully loaded and was in the image list.

Unfortunately, trying to launch this image failed. Are there any resources or blogs that my searching is failing to turn up? Thanks for reading and any info!

more detailed context:

  • image exported from docker
  • image loaded on all nodes via cri-containerd load webby.tar
  • crictl shows the image loaded on all nodes : docker.io/library/webby latest cb4395f39d399 94.9MB
  • kubectl run shows: Warning Failed 3s kubelet, node-1 Failed to pull image "webby": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to resolve image "docker.io/library/webby:latest": server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed

Please check imagePullPolicy of your deployment

Try using a specific version of the image, vice “latest”.